fresh rosemary salt in glass jar container

Medicinal Treats: Herbal Rosemary Salt

fresh rosemary salt in glass jar container

Mind Mist Ingredient Spotlight: Rosemary

Homemade Herbal Rosemary Salt  



-1/2 cup salt (preferably kosher or sea salt) 

-3-5 sprigs fresh rosemary 


-1 Tbsp lemon zest

-1 tsp minced garlic (about 1-2 cloves)



-Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender and blend until a powdery salt has formed (be patient, it can take awhile for the rosemary to breakdown).

-Spread on a dish and let dry for 24 hours.

-Store in an air tight container and use on your favorite dishes for maximum rosemary flavor and benefits. 

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