white tin of herbal salve on beeswax

Farm to Face Series: Sourcing Our Beeswax

white tin of herbal salve on beeswax

From the very beginnings of SRC Botanicals, it was important and necessary for us to choose the best ingredients, as local and close to home as possible. The mission has always been to use ingredients from the source, trusting the wisdom and healing found in the plants.

This is slow herbal skincare, we only use high quality plants, oils, and beeswax from Northern California farms, herbalists, beekeepers, and even our own garden. Producing the freshest plant medicine intentionally infused to create simple and pure skin care essentials for the whole family. 

Meet Candice Koseba, she is the founder of Sonoma County Bee Company, where we get the most beautiful beeswax for our buttery soft herbal salves - Happy Healer All-Purpose Balm and Sweet Serenity. 

She practices natural regenerative beekeeping, makes products, build and rebuilds hives, and educates beekeepers to become better stewards. Her mission is to constantly innovate on the best ways to protect bees. 

Sonoma County Bee Company is a collection of beekeepers who practice treatment-free and feed-free beekeeping. Doing their best to work with nature and the natural cycle of the superorganism, proudly letting the bees be bees! Their honey is ethically harvested, only when there is a surplus and a wiff of their beeswax is intoxicating. 

Happy Healer All-Purpose Balm and Sweet Serenity are infused with this incredible beeswax. We love it because it's hydrating, conditioning, soothing and calms the skin. Beeswax is also knows for exfoliating, repairing damage, promoting the skin's regeneration, and creating a long-lasting protective barrier against environmental pollutants. It's amazing at locking in moisture, aiding the bodies ability to keep your skin firm and moisturized. 

Four years ago I couldn't tell you where one ingredient I was using came from. We are so proud to be able to share our plant-powered skin essentials with you and show you exactly where they come from. 

The wisdom is in the plants familia. 

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  • Your site brings me to a very happy place. I’d been looking through all the Instagram posts with the audio about working with our hands. Just inspiring to see all the variations on the theme. Your spray reminded me so much of myself. Younger. A mommy. What grand years those were, I’d spray my face with roses fused spray I found at the Healthfood Store, as we called them 40 years ago. I spent a few minutes on your posts. Just delightful. I can almost smell the beeswax from your telling about it. Thank you. You’re doing good stuff in this world!

    Gen SeattleBookLady en

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