Product Spotlight: Mind Mist Rosemary Hydrosol

Product Spotlight: Mind Mist Rosemary Hydrosol

Product Spotlight: Mind Mist Rosemary Hydrosol
Mind Mist is an herbaceous and naturally astringent hydrosol made from Rosemary, Salvia rosmarinus. Rosemary has a long history in the herbal medicine world but it is mostly known as a memory herb which goes back as far as Ancient Greece where scholars would wear rosemary sprigs into their hair when studying for exams to help them remember what they learned. 
It's also a cleansing herb in many indigenous Central and South America traditions, often used in limpias or respiratory tea blends to help community members who had fallen ill. We honor this rich history and feel grateful for the abundance of this herb in our Northern California region.

Mind Mist is made with bioregional, organic Rosemary and bottled in small batches. Learn more about its benefits and how to use it below...

What is a Hydrosol?
  • A plant water made from distilling organic plant matter to extract its specific plant properties. Also commonly referred to as floral waters, herbal distillates, or hydrolats.
  • In mass production a hydrosol is the by-product or what is left behind when extracting essential oils from a plant.
Why is a Hydrosol beneficial?
  • Hydrosols are super gentle on the skin and much more sustainable than essential oils. They are potent with all the plant benefits and make excellent facial toners without stripping the skin or causing that tight feeling alcohol or witch hazel toners can have.
How do I use MIND MIST in my skincare routine?
  • Use Mind Mist as a facial toner, especially for sensitive skin types. Spritz the skin generously with the hydrosol followed by you're favorite face or body oil while the skin is still damp. This process delivers the same benefits as using a cream or a lotion, without the additional emulsifiers. 

  • Hydrate the skin, elevate the mood, cleanse your space. Spritzing Mind Mist through out the day will bring hydration back to the skin and help keep the skin looking plump. It has a naturally herbaceous aroma which can be invigorating and helps keep stress away. Rosemary is a traditionally referred to as a cleansing plant, with many antibacterial properties it makes a refreshing room spray.

  • Use it to balance your skin's pH. Most of the water in our pipes is neutral or slightly alkaline, but the acid mantle of our skin is slightly acidic. Hydrosols are naturally slightly acidic unlike the water in our homes and can help restore your skin's pH after cleansing or rinsing with tap water.

  • Use it in place of water when using powdered masks. Hydrosols contain micronized particles of essential oils that penetrate the skin to deliver therapeutic results. When added to your mask Mind Mist will bring skin impurities to the surface and help to decongest clogged pores. Give your skincare rituals an extra boost.

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