About Us

Hola! I’m Sara Lucia and my journey to botanical skincare began from a rebirth of sorts. I embarked on this journey after experiencing the birth of my first child. With a new perspective on life, I left my corporate job and found myself with the desire to live a life with purpose that solved a problem for future generations. Unknowingly the lifelong journey of being a student of plants had begun.

SRC Botanicals embraces a curiosity of the natural world and the desire to carry forward a partnership with plants that is mutually beneficial as well as an inherited birth right. We focus on using the native plants abundant around us, often considered weeds because they are local and more sustainable.

Our message is simple - artisan-made body care products for the WHOLE family that support the skin’s microbiome by putting only the freshest, whole plant ingredients on our bodies to celebrate our natural beauty and lead a life closer to nature.