About Us

Choa (Hello)! I’m Sara, the founder of Source Botanicals. I embarked on this journey after experiencing the birth of my first child. With a new perspective on life, I found myself with a desire to live with a purpose that brought me closer to nature, rid my cabinets of disruptive ingredients, and offered me a path to connect deeper with the ancestral wisdom that lives within me. Unknowingly the lifelong journey of being a student of plants had begun.

Source Botanicals embraces a curiosity of the natural world and the desire to embrace the essence of Mother Earth in our sacred homes. We focus on using the native plants around us because they’re local, grow abundantly, and are more sustainable than relying on a global supply chain that exports from far away places. This approach allows us to grow most of our own plants, form relationships with farmers, beekeepers, and co-ops in our community while creating a high-end product infused with intention, respect, and meticulous care. Our message is simple: Artisan-made body care essentials that support the skin’s microbiome by putting home grown, whole plant, organic ingredients on our bodies. Body care that celebrates our natural beauty and inspires us to lead a life in relationship with nature.

We are proudly fragrance and essential oil free.